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A Warm Hello and Welcome
BMAT Education & Epping St John's CoE

A special video message for you from our CEO  to all members of the BMAT Education 

A Letter to all Schools at BMAT Education 

Dear BMAT Education,

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the opportunity to work with Epping St John's CoE, representing the BMAT Education, as your NTP (National Tutoring Programme) provider. It has been a privilege to collaborate with a school that shares our fundamental principle of working together to break down the barriers that hinder our children from becoming confident, high-achieving, and independent individuals.

Epping St John's CoE, as part of the BMAT Education Trust, exemplifies the power of unity within a family of schools. While each school maintains its unique identity, we are bound together by common values and beliefs that drive us forward in our pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that by working collaboratively and sharing successful strategies, we strengthen our commitment to providing the finest education for our students.

Our online tutoring program is a true testament to these principles. Through collaboration, the development of effective practices, and a relentless pursuit of improvement, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers students to excel not only academically but also in all aspects of life. By nurturing their potential and providing the necessary support, we strive to equip our students with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

We wholeheartedly invite the BMAT Education and Epping St John's CoE to join us on this exciting journey as we champion our shared values and make a lasting impact on the lives of our students. Together, we can work towards breaking down barriers, fostering a sense of independence, and creating a positive future for every child.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to collaborate with Epping St John's CoE and the BMAT Trust. We are honored to be part of this transformative journey and look forward to the positive outcomes we can achieve together.

Our Guarantee: 

 - Price: We are reducing costs year-on-year to ensure that tuition at your schools will be a mainstay well beyond the existence NTP subsidies. 

- Security:  We have the highest possible Data Protection and Safeguarding Standards

- Results: We are able to provide tangible results backed up by strong data. 

- Service: We do not add additional burdens to your staff. We will handle all administrative work from scheduling to data and financial reporting.

- Quality:  Provide you with skilled teachers matched specifically to your student's needs, providing bespoke learning plans and flexibly adapting them as the develop a strong student-tutor relationship. 

Tutoring is here to stay. Our goal is to make sure that state-funded schools can access it so that we don't live in a world where only the rich can afford it, further entrenching the barriers to upward social mobility that were present before the pandemic and have become wildly exacerbated by it.


Let's work together to make sure that we live in a democracy of opportunity. 

Daniel Demarmels 


The Epping St Johns Church of England School Story 

Vincent Omilli

Epping St John's


We first met Vincent on November 17th 2022. Vincent had very exacting standards and was particularly focused on finding a tutoring provider that would warrant the outlay of NTP funds from the school.


Vincent initially tasked us with assisting Y10 and Y11 pupils with the core subjects, and after some discussions on Teams we built up a great rapport which led Vincent to present our services to his team and, with the help of a Parent / Guardian letter that we created, to the parents at a parents evening.


Once we established the academic requirements of the pupils and agreed a timetable that would not disturb the regular school schedule, we agreed a start date and began supporting Epping St John's pupils in February 2023. We are now on our fifth course booking with Vincent and progress has been steady. The pupils are a pleasure to teach, and our tutors have written some glowing feedback reports on their achievements.


Vincent is one of our favourite teachers, as he is straight-talking, very easy to communicate with and incredibly well organised. We look forward to a continuing fruitful relationship with both the school and the other schools in BMAT!

Discounts for Scale

Can be applied for tuition across all 12 BMAT Education. 

Purple Ruler Toolkit for Epping St John's Church of England School

We have created tools to help our partners schools. Please find the below. Recommend a school to us and we will do the same for them

3 Ways to Start


Book a Consultation 

We will introduce our principal and our service team and answer any questions


Book a Free Trial Lesson 

Or you can try us out for free, and book as many demo lessons as you wish  


Directly Onboard Your Students 

Or, if time is of the essence, you can directly enroll a group of students below 

3 Free Lessons For BMAT Education  Students for the Summer

We will reach out directly to parents that are interested to organise lessons. Express your interest and we will send you an email collection form. 

Online Education

Our Clients Say

“"Purple Ruler has transformed my opinion from last year, of NTP online tuition being a waste of time and money, to being one of definite benefit to our students. By the second week of the sessions, and everyone had settled into it, our students were giving me very positive feedback on the quality and enjoyment of their lessons and their tutors, and that has continued."."

Carolyn Daniels, Pupil Premium Lead, Enrich Learning Trust 

Review Meetings 

2 Weeks into our collaboration with schools we hold a review meeting, here is what our partner schools are saying in those meetings.

Whickham School

Tuition, Rewards & Trip Coordinator explaining how he feels Purple Ruler is being received in his school. 

Tennyson Road

Head Teacher Jo Quince talking about her experience with Purple Ruler and the feedback from her teachers about us. 

Cardinal Hulme

Deputy Head Teacher Chris Jones Talking About Observations of His Students Studying with Purple Ruler. 

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