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Dear Gene, Jessica and Kristin,


I hope you both had a lovely Thanksgiving.


I wanted to share the following points with you to consider and then to see if we might be able to run a lesson with a few students so that you can observe the quality and decide if there is a future for Purple Ruler at Capital.



  1. Data Management and Communication


@Montano Eugene, you will have received an email to let you log in to our system for tutoring management, called Lark.


We have set you up an account and have created a Capital School District dashboard that you will be able to access now from “workplace”.


It is full of randomized data to give you an idea of what we will be able to do with your students’ data if we can work together.


You will, once set up, be able to manage the entire program from this one place and communicate with all our staff in real-time.

Gene's Intro to Purple Ruler's Management Platfrom

Example of Math & Literacy Lessons:


Here are some lesson plans. Unfortunately, due to data protection regulations, we are unable to give you the actual lesson recordings without gaining consent from a long list of people but we would be happy to run a demonstration lesson with you to show you how we work.


Math Grade 6 Sample


Math Grade 8 Sample


Literacy Grade 6 Sample


Literacy Grade 7 Example








These are all individual schools or trusts ( basically school districts ) that have worked with us in the past. Each one required our work to be outstanding in some specific area:


·  Jo Quince Head Teacher Tennyson Leaning Community: – Very High Standards on data driven outcomes. 


·  Charlene Ponteen: Vice Principal - Haberdashers Knight Academy, Haberdashers Aske’s Federation Trust – Very high standards of ease to work with -


· – Of Tolworth Girls – high levels of communication and customer service. 


· Lucy Muns of Torquay Boys  - Individual care on a student level.


· Liam Rochford  - He will be able to let you know how we have adapted over time to his specific school.



I have many more references to supply if you require them.





Quote for 80 Children


We charge $40/hour no matter the number of students in a school. We do not go past group sizes of 6:1.


We would suggest that we work with them at least twice a week for 15 weeks, but we defer to your opinion.


The following can be adjusted in terms of duration, group size or frequency in order to reach a price and impact that work for you. It is meant to illustrate that we are able to design a cost-effective strategy for every unique case.


  • In groups of 6, 1 time a week for 1 hour this would cost:  $8,000




  • In 1 : 1 sessions, 1 times a week for 1 hour this would cost: $48,000



Trial Lesson for Feedback


If you are not sure whether or not we are capable of providing the quality you wish to see, we could set up a demonstration lesson with a few students or a student on a particular topic to see how they take to our learning delivery style.


I look forward to answering any questions you may have. It may also be valuable to know that we are quality assured in the UK by the British government through the Department for Education, we do have rigorous standards here for value for money, impact, keeping children safe in education, data protection, most importantly, impact.


Department for Education Site Purple Ruler Credentials – You will see this is a website

All tuition partners in this service:

  • can provide tutoring as part of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

  • comply with statutory safeguarding requirements

  • offer schools a high-quality service

You can find out more from Tribal (opens in new tab), our quality assurance partner.



Please let me know your opinion.


If you wish to book another meeting with me you can do so from this link:



If you wish to get a demo lesson off the ground we just need to collect some info from you here :


If you would like to move directly onto enrolment, you may do so from here:



Please let me know your feedback on the above and how you would like to move things forward. Additionally, please let me know if I have missed any piece of information that you would like to see.



We look forward to your response.






Daniel Demarmels

Chief Executive Officer

Purple Ruler 


+44 1227 913314 | 07896994500

9 the Green, Dover, CT. USA

ADM Building, Canterbury. CT11HH ( South) / Honeycomb, Liverpool, L3 9NG (North)

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