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xxxxxxxx: Tender proposal

We take great care in ensuring we clearly communicate and explain every step of the process for delivering NTP sessions at schools. Here is the team you will meet in your consultation:

Senior School Liaison Officer

James Kitch

Head of Academics & Quality Assurance

Martin Bennett

Head of Scheduling & Safeguarding

Bella Ma

Head of Client Care & IT

Ben Ashton

National Tutoring Programme Consultant

Mo Khalid

Director of Operations & DPO

Daniel Demarmels

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Purple Ruler

Purple Ruler is an accredited provider on the National Tutoring Programme.

Our mission is to be a consistent resource upon which schools can rely to increase efficacy, engagement and raise attainment, while lowering schools' administrative burden and decreasing the workload of a school's teachers.

At Purple Ruler, we seek to improve students' relationship with education, both at home and at school - and to be a constant pillar of their growth. We place the pupil at the heart of what we do. We recognise that each school t will have pupils with varying needs, so we spend time ensuring we understand what those needs are with your team to deliver a bespoke programme that is suited to your school and pupils.

Our tutors are enhanced DBS checked, experienced subject specialists with a wealth of experience in teaching and trained to deliver online tuition, while providing effective tutoring across a range of ages and abilities. All of our lessons are recorded and reviewed by our Quality Assurance team under the observation of our Head of Academics, and graded against Purple Ruler rubrics to ensure quality tutoring delivery at all times.

We are confident that you will come to see Purple Ruler as a partner you can rely upon to deliver high quality tutoring provision to pupils at your schools. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and offer any advice and guidance on the NTP in general.

Thank you,


Daniel Demarmels

Director of Operations

Are the tutors qualified as per the school specification?

 Purple Ruler is determined and committed to providing our schools with highly qualified and experienced tutors to invest in the progress of pupils.

This begins with our strict and quality-controlled recruitment process to identify tutors who are not only experienced and qualified in their subject areas, but those who can implement tutoring engagement for pupil attainment and achievement.

We receive over 100 applications every day. We offer between 10-15 applicants the opportunity to submit a self-recorded interview. We typically invite 2-3 to the first round of the interview process with our HR Director. Only about 50% of first-round interviews are accepted to the second round of interviews with the Head of Academics. A further 50% do not pass the second phase. All applicants who have passed the second phase take part in our paid 2-week intensive training course. Here, they will apply their already existing teaching experience and know-how in the specific Purple Ruler context and pedagogy, and are taught about our safeguarding and data protection policies and procedures. Teachers must pass training in order to progress onto the teaching phase.

Throughout this process, we collect Enhanced DBS, call and email all previous references and examine their character and behaviour closely. Once they have passed our SAFER recruitment procedures, we are able to allow them to begin taking classes. All teachers begin with a small number of closely monitored classes. Each one is accompanied by feedback and is scored against the rubric. Each teaching day ends with further training. Once teachers are able to consistently attain a score of 18 or more on the academic rubric, we will assign them full teaching schedules.

The well-being of our tutors and pupils is at the heart of Pupil Ruler culture:

  • We want our pupils to receive the best tutoring and grow in their confidence and achieve their learning objectives, while having fun in our interactive sessions, enabling them to progress on their young learner journey.

  • We want our tutors to feel valued by Purple Ruler and satisfied with tutoring pupils who benefit from their teaching. We support the professional development and growth of our tutors.

Academic rubric.png
Tutor Background and Quality 

Yes, you will see from just some of our tutor profiles below that we have hundreds of tutors qualified and experienced in providing tuition in Maths, English and Science.


We can also provide tuition in other subject areas such as Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities, should Dixons schools require other subjects outside of this tender.


We have the capacity to meet the number of students requested under this tender call. Every school and every student is different. This is why we provide a list of additional benefits that can be used as part of any lesson package to ensure that students are able to make the most of their sessions:

  • Free 1:1 sessions for students that are falling behind in their small tuition groups.

  • For secondary pupils, we offer a booking link that allows them to book a 20-minute session with one of our tutors. They can explain what they are struggling to understand and can also tell the tutor their preferred learning methods.

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