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Purple Ruler provides targeted tuition from the best tutors in the country to ensure you get the grades. 

We teach pupils of all ages from KS1 right through to KS5, meaning we can help with anything, whether it's bridging attainment gaps, increasing learning, exam preparation or getting ready for university.

1:1 tutoring with elite teachers

More than 80% of our tutors are from the top 10 universities in the UK including Cambridge, Oxford, St. Andrews, UCL,  SOAS, and LSE. We provide academic excellence because it is what we are made of. 

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Online Education

The lessons

We deliver focused, strategic lessons designed to reach and nurture individual pupil attainment. We don't teach what they already know, we enable them to achieve in areas they need help with.


Purple Ruler students receive high-quality tuition from one consistent teacher with a proven track record with sessions that target their specific difficulties.


We take great pride in engaging pupils, making them feel comfortable, helping their confidence grow and - most importantly - ensuring they enjoy their lessons.

What we teach

We teach every core subject, including Science, Mathematics and English, at every age level using a combination of customised and well-established international curricula, as well as other academic subjects.


Purple Ruler helps match students with the perfect tutor and we offer a free 30-minute demonstration lesson before you commit. You can book a consultation with us below to find out more or you can call us directly on 020 4551 8371 and select option two.

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Book one of our tutors for a free demonstration lesson. 


You can book a consultation to hear more about the packages we offer or call us directly on 020 4551 8371 and select option two.

£45 per lesson

£50 per lesson

55-minute sessions

5 lessons


£40 per lesson

£35 per lesson

55-minute lessons

10 lessons


55-minute lessons

15 lessons


55-minute lessons

20 lessons