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Online Class

Purple Ruler provides targeted tuition from the best tutors in the country to ensure you get the grades. 

We teach pupils of all ages from KS1 right through to KS5, meaning we can help with anything, whether it's bridging attainment gaps, increasing learning, exam preparation or getting ready for university.

Home schooling

1:1 online tutoring 

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and are expertly picked by our Head of Academic Development to be paired with students in consultation with their parents.


Our tutors have advanced degrees, many from top-10 universities in the UK. Many are fully qualified teachers.

Online Classes
Online Education

The lessons

We deliver focused, strategic lessons designed to reach and nurture individual pupil attainment. We don't teach what they already know - we enable them to achieve in areas they are finding difficult to understand.


We will consult with you and your child and review any recent academic data to create a learning plan both in line with what you are looking to achieve and what the school will be delivering.

We will organise a free demonstration lesson to learn more about your child's specific needs and to give you an opportunity to measure what value we can provide.

Homework help

All students have access to additional tutoring support in conjunction with our Purple Ruler lessons, which can be booked as and when required on their calendar.

Our tutoring packages include additional 20-minute homework help sessions.

These extra tuition slots are specifically for help with homework, school projects or with any subject matter that they find confusing.

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Online Education

Course outline

We aim to increase confidence, raise standards and expand interest in the chosen subjects, through contextualised and relevant content.

We achieve this by: 

  • Creating long-term learning plans to take them from where they are now, to where they want to be. All learning plans are unique to each student. 

  • Providing consistent feedback reports.


  • Matching students to the correct teacher based on their learner profile to ensure a positive student-teacher relationship. 

What we teach

We teach every core subject, including Science, Mathematics and English, at every age level using the specific exam board (AQA, Edexcel) to ensure that we are in line with what they are learning in school.


To help you understand how our lessons are run, you can take advantage of a free trial demonstration lesson. You can also book a consultation with us below to find out more or you can call us directly on 020 4551 8371 and select option two.

Is Purple Ruler right for you? 
Follow the 3 steps below to find out.

Book a call

You will speak with our Head of Academic Development and we will work with you to understand your specific needs, make a plan and match you with a suitable teacher.   

Arrange a free demo

Try our services with a free demonstration lesson. We will arrange a session with the selected teacher free of charge within 72 hours where requested. 

Cancel any time

Once subscribed you can cancel your course at any time. You will only be billed for the current month. You can come back at any time to resume lessons. 

Step 3

Step 2

Step 1

Book a call with our Head of Academic Development.

All educational journeys at Purple Ruler begin with a consultation call to help us understand your child's specific needs.


£35 per lesson

Up to 2x 20-minute homework help sessions per month

72-hour teacher response via email for academic questions

55-minute sessions, 1x per week

Tier 3 



£35 per lesson

Up to 4x 20-minute homework help sessions per month

48-hour teacher response via email for academic questions



55-minute sessions, 2x per week

Tier 2 

£35 per lesson

Up to 10x 20-minute homework help sessions per month

24-hour teacher response via email for academic questions


55-minute sessions, 3x per week

Tier 1 


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