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Welcome to Purple Ruler Training

Welcome to the Purple Ruler family! You've taken the first step towards shaping the minds of young learners from the UK and the US with our four-module training program: Theory Training Content, Theory Training Tasks, Theory Task Results, and Teaching Practice. Each module is designed to guide you with clarity and support. Embrace this journey of growth and discovery, where your skills will illuminate the path of learning for every student. We're thrilled to have you with us—let's nurture the future together!


Theory Training Content

Module 1 -Teaching Approach



"Online Teaching Fundamentals" is your introduction to key skills for virtual ESL teaching. Learn to build student rapport, engage effectively, and manage classroom dynamics. Focus on reducing teacher talk time, boosting student interaction, and accommodating diverse learners. Embrace creative strategies for a positive and inclusive online learning environment.

Module 2 -Teaching Outcome



In "Teaching Outcome," we focus on effective strategies to achieve desired learning goals in online education. This module covers setting clear objectives, utilizing impactful teaching methods, and applying accurate assessment techniques. Learn how to provide meaningful feedback, balance student challenges with support, and continuously refine your teaching approach for optimal student success.

Module 3 -Technical Set Up



In "Technical Set Up," we focus on creating an optimal online teaching environment. Learn about essential technical aspects, including effective space arrangement, audio-video quality, and internet connectivity. This module also guides you through using Purple Ruler's teaching platforms, courseware, and tools. Gain insights into maintaining student reports and notes, and discover how to enhance lesson interaction and engagement using props and visual aids.

Module 4 - Curriculum



"Curriculum" offers a comprehensive look into the courseware at Purple Ruler. This module provides an in-depth overview of our diverse learning materials, including various levels of practice books and student textbooks. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights through examples of best practice lessons crafted by our experienced teachers, showcasing effective teaching methodologies and lesson planning.

Module 5 - Safeguarding



"Safeguarding" is a vital module that delves into the responsibilities of keeping children safe in education, aligned with UK laws and regulations. This module provides a thorough understanding of Purple Ruler's safeguarding policies and procedures. You'll learn about appropriate responses in situations of disclosure, the nuances of whistleblowing, and how to protect both our students and yourself in the online environment. This encompasses safe internet practices and adhering to legal standards for child safety and protection in education.

Module 6 -Teaching Position



In "Teaching Position," this module offers an essential guide through the key aspects of the teaching contract and handbook at Purple Ruler. Presented by our teacher manager and HR staff, this module provides a clear understanding of the contractual obligations and policies you'll encounter as an educator with us. Before moving into teaching practice, you'll gain valuable insights into the expectations and professional standards that underpin our commitment to excellence in education.


Theory Training Tasks

​Task Result and Teaching Practice

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Thank you for submitting your learning tasks. We appreciate your dedication and effort in completing these important components of your training. Our team will review your submissions within the next 1-3 working days.

Upon analysis, you will receive an email with detailed feedback. This email will also include guidance for your Teaching Practice Preparation and a link to schedule your Teaching Practice session. This step is crucial in advancing your skills and preparing you for the practical aspects of teaching with Purple Ruler.

We look forward to supporting you through this next phase of your professional development journey.

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