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Purple Coin

Purple Coin is a reward system to boost student engagement and reward positive behavior. It can be a valuable tool for both teachers and schools. It is a free, optional add-on to our tuition packages.

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How Purple Coin works

Purple Coin is a digital currency that can be redeemed for fun prizes and privileges that help to keep students engaged.


Our teachers can give out Purple Coin as a reward for positive engagement. We do not give out Purple Coin for improved grades or in relation to the overall amount of communication done by a student.


Teachers are trained to use Purple Coin only to reward positive engagement. What is classed as positive engagement is student specific and depends on the overall goals of the course.

Purple Coin is an entirely optional feature and comes at no extra cost to the schools.

Purple Coin gifts

  • Books: 15 Coins = any book from amazon

  • Vouchers for Amazon (this would be given to the school to give to either parents or children directly): 30 Coins = £20 Amazon voucher.

  • Goody Bag (contains pencil, pens, ruler, and sweets): 10 Coins = 1 goodie bag.

  • Order food directly to the school for lunch: 50 Coins = £30 delivery +/-10%. Points can be pooled together.

  • Record a cameo from a famous person like Brian Cox, Nick Frost or Andy Dick at - some celebrities are quite affordable.

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Purple Coin privileges

Privileges are additional add-ons that require administrative assistance from the school. Schools can suggest their own custom Purple Coin values for these privileges.


These could include the following:

  • Free period/extended break

  • Skip lunch queue

  • Movie and popcorn

  • Custom privileges: Create your own privileges and assign a value to them

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