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Arlington ISD: ESOL Proposal 

 Overview of Purple Ruler's Educational Approach:


At Purple Ruler, we believe that tutoring is done best when students are given a consistent teacher who understands their goals and helps to provide bespoke guidance to ensure that they can keep pace with the rest of the school. Our work is bespoke to each student or group, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

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What is our teaching style like ?

Inquiry-Based Model

Constructivist approach to teaching

Based on aspirational learning goals

Collaboration between groups of learners

How do we quality assure? 

Every lesson we teach is watched back and graded against a rubric. Teachers must score a minimum of 20/24 with nothing lower than a 3 in any category. 

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Who are our teachers? 

 Certified/Licensed Teachers

With Teaching Experience 

Trained and Certified To Teach Online 
With Certifications in EAL

Only 0.5% of applicants become teachers

How we Teach English

The program for EAL is built around online immersion lessons. We focus on having students engage in active use of the language as well as writing and reading exercises with their students. We focus on teaching interdisciplinary topics through English to make rapid gains in applying increased English skills across the curriculum. Our teachers must have their students actively speaking, reading, and writing for the lesson to pass our quality assurance standards. 

The lessons in our curriculum apply to our Purple Ruler English Level (PR English Level) below. As long as students are making progress through our levels you are going to see advancements in the other related benchmarks you can see in the diagram. 

  • There are 15 levels

  • Each level has 4 units. 

  • Every unit has 15 lessons. 

  • Units build on each other in complexity. 

  • At the end of 15 lessons, we run a test to see if we can move to the next unit. 

  • Within every lesson, we run our “Show me what you know” & “Show me what you have learned” exercises to ensure that each lesson is impactful and to judge the learner’s pace. As we usually run small group classes, pacing is extremely important to ensure uniform progress.

How does our platform work


Our platform is designed for higher-level data management to ensure academic growth and attendance across entire schools and districts.  Our real-time data lets you hold us accountable to the impact of our work. 

I have recorded a video below so you can see what it looks like from an administrator's perspective. 

How do we make sure we are not wasting your resources? 


Courses can be canceled and students can be added or removed to ensure 100% attendance. We work with you to identify the best ways to control expenditure. Our team processes requests in 24 hours or less.

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We charge $50.00 per class, not per pupil. 

1:1 = $50/sudent/ Hour

2:1 = $25/sudent/ Hour

3:1 = $16.66/sudent/ Hour

4:1 = $12.50/sudent/ Hour

5:1 = $10/sudent/ Hour

6:1 = $8.33/sudent/ Hour

Who are we? 

Established in 2016 in The United Kingdom, we were launched when a computing company merged with a learning center with one single aim: " to make high-quality, bespoke learning support affordable for the public sector so that every child has an equal chance to succeed".  we now operate in 34 countries across 24 time zones, serving thousands of schools. 


Real-time Data Analysis, Updates and Feedback

Real-time data is accessible from your dashboard

Real-time student access to data

Book a meeting with me. 

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