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Empower Growth through
Alternative Provision 

AP Excellence in our DNA

Our commitment to providing exceptional, comprehensive, and accessible educational services for students needing an alternative to traditional schooling is unwavering. Our holistic approach defines our mission to create impactful learning experiences, support academic growth, and ensure the welfare of every student. Explore this section to better understand how we make a difference in alternative education.

  • DfE Audited and Certified

  • SSS Certifed DSL

  • Fully Insured

  • ICO Registered with Cyber Essentials +

  • An average attendance rate of 87% for 1-on-1 lessons, 

  • Customer Service within 5 minutes during working times. 

  • 1 grade point increase per term in all subjects on average. 

  • All Subjects, Key Stages, and Learning needs.

  • Students can be onboard in 48 hours.

  • Engagement, coming back to school and academic growth are at the core of our work.

  • Everything can be accessed with a maximum of 2 clicks.

  • 100% customizable platform for data and processing

  • Available on browser, computer, laptop, tablet and phone.

  • Training for all staff members.

  • 100% of teachers reviewed with feedback

  • Real-time Lesson monitoring

  • Real-time student attainment data

  • Immediate Safeguarding -Notifications

  • Real-time Attendance TrackingData

  • Welfare and support interventions

  • Webinars and face-to-face and virtual training are provided.

  • Dedicated customer service support. 

Purple Ruler AP Infographic.png

The AP Timeline

Book a call with our Head of Academic Development.

All educational journeys at Purple Ruler begin with a consultation call to help us understand your child's specific needs.



Groups Sizes of 1:3 

A programme of group education with over 70% reintegration rate. 

Expert tutors in every subject.

Real-time attendance and attainment data. 

1:1 Individual Support  

Focus on social and emotional development.

Enhanced feedback and intervention support.

Aimed at integrating students into group classes with over 80% success rate.


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