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Empower Growth through
Alternative Provision 

AP Excellence is in our DNA

Unwavering commitment to exceptional education, beyond traditional walls. Explore how we empower student success!

Reintegration is our Goal 

Phase 1:

Remote/On-Site Initiation

Focusing on establishing a solid routine and initiating the rapport-building process between students and educators. Students start engaging with our teachers based on your schemes of study.

Phase 2: Immersion and Integration

This phase aims to deepen connections with teachers. Gradual introduction group sessions with peers to enhance social skills and collaborative learning.

Phase 3:


The final phase is dedicated to smoothly transitioning students  back into mainstream schooling. A big focus on reinforcing students' confidence and academic abilities to ensure a successful reintegrate.

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Adapting to your School

Aligned to Standards

  • We offer all subjects.

  • Sessions are aligned to your school's scheme of study.

Incentivising Attendance

  • Students receive prizes for maintaining high attendance.

  • You decide the attendance percentage.

Grouping and Pricing

  • Groupings of up to 6 student.

  • Pricing as little £4 per hour.


  • Onboard in as little as 24 hours.

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Real-time Support

We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver real-time support from our app. 

You can: 

  • Access Lesson Material. 

  • View academic growth in real-time. 


  • Chat with your tutor about your lessons or arrange a homework help session. 

Easy to Manage 

We provide a work place to mange your academic journey. 

You can: 

  • Access the lessons space from the app.

  • Access your learning schedule from your calendar. 


  • Share interactive documents with your tutor. 

Pricing and Funding

We are the most cost-effective government-approved provider of AP and Learning Interventions across the country, providing KS 1-5 Support in all subjects. 

£29.17/Class for groups of 1:6 

£4.80/Student in groups of 1:6 

Cancel Courses with 2-Weeks Notice

How to get started

Complete set up on our learning platform.

Tell us what you want to achieve or arrange a free lesson to try us out. 

Join lessons online and begin learning with our tutors.

Request a Quotation 

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Thank you for your request. We will respond within one working day.

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