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English as an Additional Language for Schools and Families 

100,000+ students have improved their English with us since 2016. 

Total Immersion 

Adapting Students to English Education

Lead By an Expert EAL Team

Our team has worked with students from 50+ countries and has taught in partnership with some of the largest publically traded educational companies. We run our own recognized TEFL certification and have developed our own curricula.

Cultural Relevance

Our curriculum is adapted to life in an English-speaking country. This helps them adapt better to life outside the classroom. 

Curriculular Relevance

Our topics are related to the Curricula taught in our schools. This helps them perform better in other areas of learning. 

Five Stages To Help Children Reach Bilingualism

Benchmarked to the Expected Age-Related English Levels in the UK and the Common Core State Standards of the CCSS in the United States.


 Developed by a team of US/UK teachers and experts from Harvard and Cambridge University.


Designed to help children achieve excellent results in international standardized tests such as Cambridge and IELTS

Foundation Stage


Cultivating the foundation of reading, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Content: Lessons lay a solid foundation for intensive reading and comprehensive development of phonics, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through interesting themed stories that are relevant to students interests.

Suitable for students with no foundation or students that are 4- 6 years old.

Enlightenment Stage


Advancing listening, speaking,  and writing skills, practically applied to school cirriculum.

Content: A large amount of listening vocabulary is accumulated and transformed into reading vocabulary and the building blocks of confident speach and self expression.


Suitable for students with a basic foundation or 5 - 10 years old.

Intermediate Stage


Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and apply it to the school cirriculum

Content:  Exercising reading skills, combined with grammatical development to transform reading ability into writing ability

Suitable for students with a developed foundation or 7-14 years old

Advanced Stage


Externalized application of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Content: Reading academic content, exercise reading skills and strategies, learn critical writing skills, and complete advanced argument composition. 

Suitable for 12-18 years old or those with an advanced foundation. 


(Bespoke Learning Stage)

Reach Idiomatic and academic fluency. 

Content: All current school subjects as well as prep for university to the level of a students mother touge

This is a bespoke provison and the goal of all courses.


Pricing and Funding

Lessons start at as little as £ 15.00/ Hour. As an Approved Tuition Provider, we can help you understand how to make the most of your NTP funding and report back expenditures to the Department for Education. 

Book a consultation for more Informaiton

Consistency Is Key 


Fixed Teacher

Fixed Times

Long Term,Stable Student Teacher Relationships

Fixed, Regular interventions to ensure steady, predicable growth

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