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1:1 Online Tutoring 

Our tutors have advanced degrees, are subject matter experts and work in UK schools guiding children to academic success every day.  


Homework help

Our tutoring packages include additional 20-minute homework help sessions.

These extra tuition slots are specifically for help with homework, school projects or with any subject matter that they find confusing.

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Real-time Support

We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver real-time support from our app. 

You can: 

  • Access Lesson Material. 

  • View academic growth in real-time. 


  • Chat with your tutor about your lessons or arrange a homework help session. 

Easy to Manage 

We provide a work place to mange your academic journey. 

You can: 

  • Access the lessons space from the app.

  • Access your learning schedule from your calendar. 


  • Share interactive documents with your tutor. 

What we teach

We teach every core subject, including Science, Mathematics and English, at every age level using the specific exam board (AQA, Edexcel) to ensure that we are in line with what they are learning in school.


To help you understand how our lessons are run, you can take advantage of a free trial demonstration lesson. You can also book a consultation with us below to find out more or you can call us directly on 020 4551 8371 and select option two.

Is Purple Ruler right for you? 

Book a call

Arrange a free lesson in any subject area. 

Choose your learning plan

Choose when and how often you want to learn.

Cancel any time

Cancel whenever you no longer wish to learn with us. 

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