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9 reasons why one-to-one tuition is beneficial for pupils, parents and teachers

There are many benefits of 1:1 tutoring and it can make a huge difference for everyone involved in a child's education

Going through school is one of the toughest challenges we all face in our lives. For some, the classroom environment is far more difficult than others.

But struggling in a big group in a class at school doesn't have to spell the end of a child getting an education. It could be that a pupil is struggling to keep up, anxious about the environment or not engaging with lessons at school.

Whatever the reason, there is always an alternative solution. And one-to-one tutoring is one of the best options to turn to when a pupil is in need of something different.

There are so many benefits to not only the pupils themselves, but also for parents, teachers and the tutors delivering the lessons. We take a look at those key benefits below.

Pupils struggling with health issues can still get their education

There are all manner of reasons a pupil may not be able to attend school. It could be due to illness, anxiety or other mental health reasons. But that doesn't mean a child should miss out on their education. One-to-one tutoring enables students to be taught lessons in a way that suits them when they feel up to it. The emotional wellbeing and health of pupils is a number one priority for school, tuition providers and, of course, the student's family. Having the opportunity to learn in a quieter environment where they feel comfortable can be really helpful.

Technology - it's easier to organise and run

Quite simply, with the help of the technology available to us today, it couldn't be easier to organise 1:1 tutoring sessions. The online tutoring format means that there's no extra hurdles to overcome such as finding a suitable space to hold the lesson, arranging transport to and from it and so on. It also means the pupil can be taught by a highly skilled tutor from anywhere in the country, making it easier to match students with the best teacher possible, such as tutors from elite universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

It can be anywhere, anytime

The logistics of 1:1 online tuition are a dream for both teacher and student. Lessons can be done from home, before school, after school, or whenever suits the pupil best. It alleviates any potential stress or anxiety that may be caused by travelling to another environment that the pupil may not be comfortable in.


Lessons are tailored to the pupil's exact learning needs

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the tailored approach to education for the pupil. One-to-one sessions are planned and adapted specifically to the needs of the student and the teacher can amend and evolve the course at any time in order to help. Having the freedom to be more flexible in the approach to learning is a great tool. If a tutor is teaching a class of more than one student, there may not be a method that is suitable for all of the pupils - but with 1:1 sessions, the exact method needed can be implemented immediately.

Teachers are chosen to match the pupil's personality and specific requirements

It's not just the lessons that are tailored - it's also the selection of the tutor. At Purple Ruler for example, a great deal of time and effort is put into making sure the tutor selected for 1:1 lessons is a good match for the pupil. The student's personality, needs and specific learning requirements are all taken into account when making that choice. If, for example, a pupil is shy and not attending school, there are tutors with the skillset to help them. It also means that students can build personal relationships with the teacher which will help with their learning.

It's more engaging for parents

Pupils will of course benefit from one-to-one tutoring, but it can also be of great use for parents who can take an active role in helping their child. Parents can be invited to join in on sessions or sit with their child, whether it's for emotional support, extra help or to understand the teaching techniques. It means the parent has a full understanding of what their child is being taught and may then be able to provide additional learning help in between lessons.

There's no peer pressure

One of the biggest challenges some pupils face in the classroom environment or in classes with other students is peer pressure. A huge benefit of the 1:1 class is that pupils will not feel pressure to perform and will be made to feel completely relaxed and comfortable by their tutor. This can really help with the student's confidence if they're shy or easily embarrassed. Alleviating social pressure can be a huge positive factor for some pupils.

You'll never lose out on a lesson even if you can't attend

Sometimes, pupils just don't feel up to attending a lesson. In a larger group learning environment, that would mean they miss out on a session. But the beauty of 1:1 tutoring is the great level of flexibility it offers. There is no pressure over doing a course and lessons can be rearranged for another day if a student is unable to do it.

It helps a pupil reintegrate into a classroom environment

One-to-one tutoring provides the perfect opportunity to begin the process of easing a pupil back into a larger ratio class and the classroom environment itself. Building confidence in the 1:1 format allows the student to slowly transition into a 1:3 learning group, up to 1:6 and so on. The focused help pupils receive from their tutor will ultimately help them get back on track and able to learn in the mainstream school setting once again.


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